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Sorry guys - DNS is propagating still, so some of you are getting the old server, some the new. If you're on the new server, you're fine - if not, here's the comic that was supposed to go up today.

How the Dinosaurs Died #19

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Firstly, i'm sorry the comic has been down a bit recently, but our gracious host has been migrating servers, so it's to be somewhat expected. Things should be a lot better from here on out though.

I got transcriptions for all the comics up (including the ones in the buffer), so now the search box to the side is somewhat useful again. If you want to see what the heck i'm talking about, just click the toggle transcription button under the comic.

I've been quiet, and no one has said anything, so the ads go up whenever i get my ad code - which should be at the end of the month sometime. Along with it, i'll put up a donation button. If people donate enough to get and keep domain name for a while, no more ads. Pretty simple really.
How the Dinosaurs Died.

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If you don't normally read the news posts, please read this one
First off, no, i did not plan to have this show up just as Mr. Wizard died.

So, lately i've been thinking - hey, it would be nice to have a domain name. So i've been thinking of putting up some sort of way for me to get enough cash money dollars to purchase one. Turns out there's a lot of options, so i'd like to get feedback from you folks about it.

I've got three options - donations, merchandise, and ads.

Donations are pretty straight forward. I put up a Paypal button, you put in how much money you want to give me. I'd hate getting something for nothing though, so i'd at least put some wallpapers up for donors, maybe something else if i could think of anything. Wallpapers seem to be pretty standard.

Ads are the option that seems most viable. I'd put up a little block of ads just above this news post, and hopefully i'd make the ten dollars a year necessary for a domain name.

Merchandise seems awkward for me, but people really really seem to like shirts, so if you're interested i can put up some shirt designs.

I am actually considering one bit of merchandise right now, domain name not withstanding. If you want a This is: book, you should e-mail me straight away. Here's the deal: it's a significant amount of work for me to put together a This is: book, so i'm not gonna do it until i have at least 25 people who are willing to at least email me and say "I would like a This is: book". This is mostly because i'd have to go through and re-scan a good deal of them.

If it winds up being an actual book, i'll have lulu.com print it, and it would wind up being like $15 - $18, which is sort of steep. I've also thought about just printing every single one on a big poster, but i'm not entirely sure i can get them all to fit, so it might wind up being only a selection of them. That would be more like $5 - $10. I'm not really sure, i haven't looked into the poster as much. I wouldn't get your hopes up about either books or posters though - not a lot of people are into e-mailing me.
How the Dinosaurs Died.

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Woah! Okay, sorry to everyone who got the weird front page in the last day or so. I'm not sure what screwed up, but something sure did. What you saw was the front page to the webpage genrator, which is odd, because the files don't even have the same name.

Comic Genesis (where the comic is hosted) has been having some issues lately. If that's still the case come thursday, i'll just post the comic on the blog. If there are ever issues like this again, just come on over to the blog, at cwsays.livejournal.com.

In other news, comics one through eight now have transcriptions - something i have been slacking off on since the start of HtDD. I also updated the archive. I'll get the rest finished soon, but i'm sick as of now, so i'm going to go to bed.
How the Dinosaurs Died.

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Three more comics in the buffer. No one seems to care one way or the other about the Wii navigation, so i'm just gonna leave it as is.

In other news, if you're a webcomic creator yourself, especially one that uses Comic Genesis, you might have heard of my Comic Genesis webpage generator. Well, now i'm offering custom templates, in addition to ones i have up. So if you're a webcomic person who needs a new site, shoot me an email.
How the Dinosaurs Died.

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Here's an odd thing. I got bored the other night, and coded up a special Wii interface for the site. If you have a Nintendo Wii, try it out and give me some feedback in a comment or e-mail. If you guys like it, i'll add it to the other comics i have on the site, and if you hate it, i'll take it off.
How the Dinosaurs Died.

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Newspostage ahoy! I don't really have much to say. Actually, i don't have anything to say at all. Except maybe that Comedy Central has the worst commercials ever. I just feel that i should update this space on an occasional basis, and since i added the next three weeks' comics, i felt it was a good time. I've had livejournal open for about two hours now, and this is all i've come up with, sooo.... i think i'm gonna call it good.
How the Dinosaurs Died.

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Weekly updates freak me out. I had gotten so used to bi-weekly updates with This is: that every time i turn around i think "Holy poo! i forgot to update" but then i remember that i have quite a bit of buffer. HtDD is also different in that it's much harder to write, but takes less work. I could just sit down and write This is: but i'm very discriminating with HtDD. I think it is giving me more time to draw, and if i could just keep my fine motor skills more four hours at the end of a weekend i might get a short second comic finished. Of course, i'd have to write the darn thing first. Writing is not my strong suit.
How the Dinosaurs Died.

How the dinosaurs died

Surprise! I'm putting up the site a bit early. I noticed that thursday (the new update day) fell on the fifth, and since the new one is #5, i figured it would work out to have an update every day until then.

The site is much more colourful than before. I'll likely fiddle with bits a pieces of the layout over the course of the next month, but it's pretty well finished.

I can't think of much more to say other than that solar flares suck. Oh! If you didn't read the interim blog post, i linked The Nineteenth Century Industrialist, which has the art of Ren and Stimpy mixed in with a good dose of humour on a subject i enjoy. And you missed some not so terribly exciting sketches.

Enjoy the reruns.

Also: Dear Google: Google Paper is something you should actually consider developing, if only for the fact that you could get pictures printed and sent to you for free, which would pretty much be the bee's knees.

because i'm just so gosh darn dependable.

If anyone looks at this blog, it'll be a miracle. But i said i'd put up some sketches, so here are some sketches.


Oh, and you can check out the new 404 page for How the Dinosaurs Died.


If you're wondering how every thing's coming, it's going much smoother than anticipated. Moving the archives was really easy, and my redesign is about halfway finished. It looks a lot like the other comics pages, and i'm working on doing up the colors and backgrounds and stuff. I'm leaning heavily toward a sort of brown theme, but i might go with green.

As for making comics... it's amazing how fast your buffer fills up when you're only doing weekly updates. April's comics are all done. I was planning on launching the new site on the fifth, but i'll likely do it the first, and run the four previous HtDDs before.

Also: Check out The Ninteenth Century Industrialist. It really reminds me of Ren and Stimpy art wise... actually humour wise too.

That's all for now.