c.w. (cwsays) wrote,

yeah, so i'm two months late. i guess i'm a webcomic.

So, it's taking me a little long to finish up the next comic. Well, finish up the writing anyways. But, i'm getting closer, so i figured it was about time to start taking an interest in the website again. So, i'm gonna tell you a bit about the new project.

It's called Cross Words, and it's about... a lot of stuff actually. Remember This Is:? While i was doing it, a lot of ideas crossed my mind as to how it could actually apply to more "normal" comics, with plots and stuff. Cross words is sort of the culmination of that thinking. It takes in interesting structural parts of this is:, shrinks the entire thing and tries to form some sort of coherent piece. The problem with plots and stuff is that i'm a terrible horrible worthless writer, and would like the writing in Cross Words to be somewhat decent. So, over the course of How the Dinosaurs Died, i got an outline and some writing done.

(Speaking of HtDD you can still buy How the Dinosaurs Died - The Complete Collection.)

Basically, instead of having hyperlinked sections, the entire thing gets laid out in a manner not dissimilar to a crossword puzzle. You can see the difficulties that lie therein - all the moving parts of This is: with none of the "screw it, i'll figure out something when i write the stupid paragraph" attitude that made the whole the so gosh darn nonsensical.

But enough about the structure. The plot revolves around... well, i'm not sure i want to give it away. If you email me, i'll tell you more, but lets just leave it at the following for now.

A writer and his book.
A girl and her life.
A couple and their curse.

Cross Words.

Man... that sounds stupid. I'm going to have to think of a better tagline thing. Actually, a lot more stupid if you imagine Don LaFontaine saying it over explosions.

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