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c.w. says:

I'm gonna say it like i'll sell one.

3/8/08 04:48 pm - I'm gonna say it like i'll sell one.

Okay, it's finally finished - now avalible for purchase:

How the Dinosaurs Died - The Complete Collection.

It's available for $12.75 USD from Lulu as a 9x7 inch, perfect bound, black and white book. It's also avalible as a download for $2 USD. If you're feeling charitable, i'll also put it up in the contributor's area.

Speaking of which, if you do buy the book, you have access to the contributor's area - you just have to follow the instructions at the beginning of the book.

I thought i'd be able to finish faster, but unfortunately Lulu is exceptionally bad at simply telling you how to send them files. It's spread out over this gigantic mess of FAQ pages. A great example of this is why the book is more expensive than i planned. You see, i was originally going to use a different size, but after poking around the site for hours i found that the size i was going to use consisted of a cheap cream colored paper. I'm kind of obsessed with paper, so i went with a larger size with nice white paper.

So... yeah. I thought i'd be able to put up some kind of interim comic, but writing the next project pretty much takes up all my time - which is pretty absurd, since i started almost a year and a half ago. Hopefully it'll all be set by April - if not... well... i don't know what i'll do.
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