c.w. (cwsays) wrote,

and so ends another year.

And that's the end of How the Dinosaurs Died. As for what the next project will be, i have absolutely no idea. I do have some ideas for the site though. I'll definitely be simplifying the next layout - less rant space to never use, less wasted space. The one thing i want to get feedback on is the tagboard - i'll probably get rid of it unless there's some big outcry.

In a few days, the How the Dinosaurs Died archives will be moving to the "other comics" section, so be sure to update your bookmarks when that happens. That sounds like something you'd see on a geocities page from 1994, but just do whatever it is you kids do these days.

If you want a printed version of HtDD, i'm considering doing one on Lulu since i actually have all the high resolution scans this time around. Copies would be about $10 USD, plus whatever they charge for shipping and all that - and would include some commentary, possibly a making of section... and whatever else you guys want me to throw in.

In other news, i think i need a writer, because i've been reading through This is:, and it makes no sense.
How the Dinosaurs Died.

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