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c.w. says:

i should sue them.

12/17/07 11:56 pm - i should sue them.

Okay, if you're an old timey reader, you'll remember This is:, and possibly you remember the one about the book. Here's the thing - it actually exists. Oddly, it is exactly as tall as i described, and presumably just as heavy. The only differences are really the cover and the contents. If someone made a cheaper, hollower one, i'd buy it.

I actually found it in my search for a good fountain pen that isn't priced as though it is made of solid gold. I finally found the Lamy Safari, which apparently is the least expensive "good" one you can get. But then there's Ackerman pens, which sound really cool because you can put india ink or paint or whatever the heck you want in them.

In other news, the archive and transcriptions updated, but no ones cares because i am a prophet.
How the Dinosaurs Died.
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