c.w. (cwsays) wrote,

No more brush pen for me. Well, in the comic anyway. It was just way too unwieldy. I don't have a lot to say, other than that the archive got updated, and that there's transcriptions for last month's stuff. Of other artistic note, i tracked down some skin toned markers - although it's a pretty funny set. It's a "multicultural" marker set. It has the "colors of my friends". It's a rather silly way to say, "nobody makes any skin tones but pasty white" to which anyone could simply reply, "well, the pasty white ones suck". Although really, all it makes me think of is how certain cartoons will occasionally have blue or orange or hot pink people.

On a more comic related note, because of the way the comic works out, there are two extra weeks to fill at the end of February. In case i haven't said it enough times, i'm only going to make 50 HtDD comics, then i'll take a month off (march) and start the next year's project. Here's the thing though - if i make 50, there will be two weeks in February where i have nothing to post. I'd feel kind of bad taking an extra two weeks vacation, so has anyone got any ideas what to put in it?

How the Dinosaurs Died.

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