c.w. (cwsays) wrote,

i miss you companion cube.

You'll have to excuse the craptacular art today - i've recently been adjusting my inking style to use real pens and real paper, and well... it's hard to get used to. I bought a set of Prismacolor marker pen things, and a set of Faber Castell marker pen things. I like the Prismacolors because they scan much much darker than the others, but the Castell set came with this totally sweet brush pen that i completely and totally suck at using.

Also, i got a giant marker set, but it makes me mad, because it has about two skin tones that really aren't skin tones. I don't understand why if you want to colour a person with markers you have to go online and find some crazy special set of skin tones. I mean, come on, you'd think they'd include at least a couple in a package of 100.

The new year is starting to get close, os i've been trying to think of what next year's project will be. I have some ideas, but since i've been busier this year and haven't gotten a chance to really explore my options. How do you guys feel about something with more of a storyline?

Also: one last thing - Occasionally, i've been seeing ads for fullbloomtea.com. I ordered some, and i have say, it's pretty neat. Unfortunately, it technically means i'm in the hole on advertising. (I'm really not though - advertising is great. I might have enough for a domain name before i start next year's project. Don't hold me to that though.)
How the Dinosaurs Died.

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