c.w. (cwsays) wrote,

Hrm. Now that i'm back i suppose i should put something here, like "oh wow, my vacation was marvelous bla bla bla." but i have no idea what to say. I suppose i could talk about the comic for the 13th. It's not often i get to do timely jokes. See all the black? I coloured it in on the computer. Amazing, in know. I have a 4x6 Graphire - it doesn't get a lot of use.

Well, actually that's not true - it gets a lot of use, just as a mouse and not as a pen. My normal mouse is ah... misplaced. I know a lot of people use tablets really really well, but i just can not get used to the stupid thing for inking. I tried for about a year, and i just never could get decent lines with it.

Since the whole point of the comics is to keep me drawing (and hopefully make me better), what do you guys think of the art? Like it? Don't? Corn dog?


So ten minutes after i finish this i finally think of something to write. So i was looking through the site statistics, and occasionally i'll see someone has made a blog post about one of the comics. I often wonder what the appropriate course of action is for such a thing. It's rather flattering, and i'd like to say, "hey thank you very much for approving of my horrible horrible pastime" but then i start to wonder if that comes off a little stalkery. Stalker-y. Stalker-ey. Whatever. Anyone have any thoughts on the appropriate actions to take?
How the Dinosaurs Died.

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