c.w. (cwsays) wrote,

I have to be gone for almost two weeks, but fear not! Comics should update until i get back.

The replaced tagboard seems to be working out much better than the old one. I don't like it quite as much, but it'll do. Actually, i'm considering just getting rid of it entirely - i mean, it doesn't get much traffic, and it takes up a lot of space. Not to mention it would make a dandy place for a skyscraper ad, which seem to do quite well. Really, there isn't much to talk about with the comic, is there? It's either funny, or it isn't. I suppose you could talk about which joke you got. That reminds me of when i was drawing up the chiropractor comic.

If i have enough time, i usually try to incorporate as many jokes as possible into each strip. Sometimes i'm rushed or i can't think of anything, so it doesn't happen. The chiropractor comic makes sense, but there's a hidden joke in the fact that he's forcing the little guy into a position dinosaurs are often found in. (Minus the open jaw.)

I dunno. Maybe that was interesting. Probably not. I never know what the heck to write here.
How the Dinosaurs Died.

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