yeah, so i'm two months late. i guess i'm a webcomic.

So, it's taking me a little long to finish up the next comic. Well, finish up the writing anyways. But, i'm getting closer, so i figured it was about time to start taking an interest in the website again. So, i'm gonna tell you a bit about the new project.

It's called Cross Words, and it's about... a lot of stuff actually. Remember This Is:? While i was doing it, a lot of ideas crossed my mind as to how it could actually apply to more "normal" comics, with plots and stuff. Cross words is sort of the culmination of that thinking. It takes in interesting structural parts of this is:, shrinks the entire thing and tries to form some sort of coherent piece. The problem with plots and stuff is that i'm a terrible horrible worthless writer, and would like the writing in Cross Words to be somewhat decent. So, over the course of How the Dinosaurs Died, i got an outline and some writing done.

(Speaking of HtDD you can still buy How the Dinosaurs Died - The Complete Collection.)

Basically, instead of having hyperlinked sections, the entire thing gets laid out in a manner not dissimilar to a crossword puzzle. You can see the difficulties that lie therein - all the moving parts of This is: with none of the "screw it, i'll figure out something when i write the stupid paragraph" attitude that made the whole the so gosh darn nonsensical.

But enough about the structure. The plot revolves around... well, i'm not sure i want to give it away. If you email me, i'll tell you more, but lets just leave it at the following for now.

A writer and his book.
A girl and her life.
A couple and their curse.

Cross Words.

Man... that sounds stupid. I'm going to have to think of a better tagline thing. Actually, a lot more stupid if you imagine Don LaFontaine saying it over explosions.

I'm gonna say it like i'll sell one.

Okay, it's finally finished - now avalible for purchase:

How the Dinosaurs Died - The Complete Collection.

It's available for $12.75 USD from Lulu as a 9x7 inch, perfect bound, black and white book. It's also avalible as a download for $2 USD. If you're feeling charitable, i'll also put it up in the contributor's area.

Speaking of which, if you do buy the book, you have access to the contributor's area - you just have to follow the instructions at the beginning of the book.

I thought i'd be able to finish faster, but unfortunately Lulu is exceptionally bad at simply telling you how to send them files. It's spread out over this gigantic mess of FAQ pages. A great example of this is why the book is more expensive than i planned. You see, i was originally going to use a different size, but after poking around the site for hours i found that the size i was going to use consisted of a cheap cream colored paper. I'm kind of obsessed with paper, so i went with a larger size with nice white paper.

So... yeah. I thought i'd be able to put up some kind of interim comic, but writing the next project pretty much takes up all my time - which is pretty absurd, since i started almost a year and a half ago. Hopefully it'll all be set by April - if not... well... i don't know what i'll do.

and so ends another year.

And that's the end of How the Dinosaurs Died. As for what the next project will be, i have absolutely no idea. I do have some ideas for the site though. I'll definitely be simplifying the next layout - less rant space to never use, less wasted space. The one thing i want to get feedback on is the tagboard - i'll probably get rid of it unless there's some big outcry.

In a few days, the How the Dinosaurs Died archives will be moving to the "other comics" section, so be sure to update your bookmarks when that happens. That sounds like something you'd see on a geocities page from 1994, but just do whatever it is you kids do these days.

If you want a printed version of HtDD, i'm considering doing one on Lulu since i actually have all the high resolution scans this time around. Copies would be about $10 USD, plus whatever they charge for shipping and all that - and would include some commentary, possibly a making of section... and whatever else you guys want me to throw in.

In other news, i think i need a writer, because i've been reading through This is:, and it makes no sense.
How the Dinosaurs Died.

i should sue them.

Okay, if you're an old timey reader, you'll remember This is:, and possibly you remember the one about the book. Here's the thing - it actually exists. Oddly, it is exactly as tall as i described, and presumably just as heavy. The only differences are really the cover and the contents. If someone made a cheaper, hollower one, i'd buy it.

I actually found it in my search for a good fountain pen that isn't priced as though it is made of solid gold. I finally found the Lamy Safari, which apparently is the least expensive "good" one you can get. But then there's Ackerman pens, which sound really cool because you can put india ink or paint or whatever the heck you want in them.

In other news, the archive and transcriptions updated, but no ones cares because i am a prophet.
How the Dinosaurs Died.

(no subject)

No more brush pen for me. Well, in the comic anyway. It was just way too unwieldy. I don't have a lot to say, other than that the archive got updated, and that there's transcriptions for last month's stuff. Of other artistic note, i tracked down some skin toned markers - although it's a pretty funny set. It's a "multicultural" marker set. It has the "colors of my friends". It's a rather silly way to say, "nobody makes any skin tones but pasty white" to which anyone could simply reply, "well, the pasty white ones suck". Although really, all it makes me think of is how certain cartoons will occasionally have blue or orange or hot pink people.

On a more comic related note, because of the way the comic works out, there are two extra weeks to fill at the end of February. In case i haven't said it enough times, i'm only going to make 50 HtDD comics, then i'll take a month off (march) and start the next year's project. Here's the thing though - if i make 50, there will be two weeks in February where i have nothing to post. I'd feel kind of bad taking an extra two weeks vacation, so has anyone got any ideas what to put in it?

How the Dinosaurs Died.

i miss you companion cube.

You'll have to excuse the craptacular art today - i've recently been adjusting my inking style to use real pens and real paper, and well... it's hard to get used to. I bought a set of Prismacolor marker pen things, and a set of Faber Castell marker pen things. I like the Prismacolors because they scan much much darker than the others, but the Castell set came with this totally sweet brush pen that i completely and totally suck at using.

Also, i got a giant marker set, but it makes me mad, because it has about two skin tones that really aren't skin tones. I don't understand why if you want to colour a person with markers you have to go online and find some crazy special set of skin tones. I mean, come on, you'd think they'd include at least a couple in a package of 100.

The new year is starting to get close, os i've been trying to think of what next year's project will be. I have some ideas, but since i've been busier this year and haven't gotten a chance to really explore my options. How do you guys feel about something with more of a storyline?

Also: one last thing - Occasionally, i've been seeing ads for I ordered some, and i have say, it's pretty neat. Unfortunately, it technically means i'm in the hole on advertising. (I'm really not though - advertising is great. I might have enough for a domain name before i start next year's project. Don't hold me to that though.)
How the Dinosaurs Died.

i dont even use this stupid social junk.

New site feature! Okay, so i added some social bookmarking junk under the comic - just click the "Share This" button, then choose whatever you want to use - I included, Furl, ma.gnolia, Spurl, Yahoo MyWeb, Google Bookmarks, and StumbleUpon. If you like the comic and have a StumbleUpon account, please click the StumbleUpon button, so everybody knows about the comic! I don't really use social bookmarking stuff, so i wasn't really sure which ones to add. If the one you use isn't on the list, leave a message on the tag board and i'll see what i can do.
How the Dinosaurs Died.

(no subject)

Hrm. Now that i'm back i suppose i should put something here, like "oh wow, my vacation was marvelous bla bla bla." but i have no idea what to say. I suppose i could talk about the comic for the 13th. It's not often i get to do timely jokes. See all the black? I coloured it in on the computer. Amazing, in know. I have a 4x6 Graphire - it doesn't get a lot of use.

Well, actually that's not true - it gets a lot of use, just as a mouse and not as a pen. My normal mouse is ah... misplaced. I know a lot of people use tablets really really well, but i just can not get used to the stupid thing for inking. I tried for about a year, and i just never could get decent lines with it.

Since the whole point of the comics is to keep me drawing (and hopefully make me better), what do you guys think of the art? Like it? Don't? Corn dog?


So ten minutes after i finish this i finally think of something to write. So i was looking through the site statistics, and occasionally i'll see someone has made a blog post about one of the comics. I often wonder what the appropriate course of action is for such a thing. It's rather flattering, and i'd like to say, "hey thank you very much for approving of my horrible horrible pastime" but then i start to wonder if that comes off a little stalkery. Stalker-y. Stalker-ey. Whatever. Anyone have any thoughts on the appropriate actions to take?
How the Dinosaurs Died.

(no subject)

I have to be gone for almost two weeks, but fear not! Comics should update until i get back.

The replaced tagboard seems to be working out much better than the old one. I don't like it quite as much, but it'll do. Actually, i'm considering just getting rid of it entirely - i mean, it doesn't get much traffic, and it takes up a lot of space. Not to mention it would make a dandy place for a skyscraper ad, which seem to do quite well. Really, there isn't much to talk about with the comic, is there? It's either funny, or it isn't. I suppose you could talk about which joke you got. That reminds me of when i was drawing up the chiropractor comic.

If i have enough time, i usually try to incorporate as many jokes as possible into each strip. Sometimes i'm rushed or i can't think of anything, so it doesn't happen. The chiropractor comic makes sense, but there's a hidden joke in the fact that he's forcing the little guy into a position dinosaurs are often found in. (Minus the open jaw.)

I dunno. Maybe that was interesting. Probably not. I never know what the heck to write here.
How the Dinosaurs Died.

(no subject)

Seeing as the last time i updated this space was almost a month ago, i suppose it's time i wrote something here.

Of course, the only really pertinent thing i have to say is that the ads are up, but you can already see that. Of course, along with it the donation section has gone up, in case some one wants to donate and have me turn off the ads.

If you're an old timey reader and remember This is: there's actually more stuff relating to that than HtDD in the contributor's area right now (of course, there won't be in about a week once i finish these other wallpapers and stuff - having 100 laying around makes it easier to find stuff). Spurred on by some articles written by Mr. Fagin, in the contributor's area there is a downloadable version of This is:. Apparently people are willing to pay for that sort of thing.

Of course, when i started all this advertising business, i wasn't really thinking about new readers. To most of them, it must seem sort of odd - a comic that's only numbered into the twenties having ads and donations and stuff. I'm genuinely curious as to how many readers started when i was doing the old comic, This is:, and how many of you are only familiar with How the Dinosaurs Died.

Let's do this - can everyone post on the tag board if you're an old time reader, or a new one? That's be cool.
How the Dinosaurs Died.